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ARIS Rocket SearchYesterday evening Karl Wagner and Michael Poppitz presented ARIS Rocket Search.

It is one of the six innovations mentioned by Dr. Jost in his opening keynote. Karl started the session by explaining how the idea for ARIS Rocket search came to life: IDS Scheer initiated an innovation boot camp in 2008 where the management together with software engineers developed new ideas. Michael came up with the concept for a new very fast search also targeting users not familiar with the ARIS methodology. ARIS Rocket Search was born and after a first prototype you could see the rocket take off!

ARIS Rocket Search is – as its name suggest – fast as a rocket. In a live demo Michael presented a development snapshot running inside ARIS Business publisher. The search results were shown instantly. Really amazing! Michael stressed the point that this performance was also achieved in tests with one of the biggest customer ARIS databases we know about.

The new search is not restricted to models or any object types, attributes or a special database. Instead the user can search for terms occurring anywhere in the complete repository (not only certain databases). This also includes the ARIS help, ARIS functionality and also linked documents. For instance a search for the term “merge” would present the user now also the merge functionality of ARIS as a result. This makes it especially easy for inexperienced ARIS users. However there is also the possibility to restrict the search by filters for special object types, sections, etc.

ARIS Rocket search is an incremental search. That means the user specifies the initial term he is looking for and then adds more and more terms or filters until he found what he was looking for.

You will probably ask what is the price for this fast search and when can I buy it?
ARIS Rocket search will be available in ARIS Business Publisher end of this year. You get it as part of the normal customer maintenance agreement or if you buy a new license. Next year Rocket search will then also be available in ARIS Business Architect/Designer.

I really think ARIS Rocket search will change the way how you can work with ARIS. It will be much easier finding already created assets inside the repository and this not just for people already familiar with the structure of the repository, but for everyone. If you'd like to know more about ARIS Rocket Search or see some screenshots, you can visit the ARIS Innovation website.

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