I am using ARIS Cloud (Trial) and since Monday the 14th all the information inside each object in my diagrams has disappeared. Some more input on my problem:

1. The groups information has also been lost, so now I have no classification in my database

2. Some complete diagrams have simply disappeared. I had Enterprise Collaboration BPMN diagrams and Customer Journey diagrams

3. I created all these diagrams with an expert database, since I had all the diagram types available, but now I can only create 4 basic diagrams

Question 1: Could this have to do with the maintenance warning posted in Aris Cloud ("... we plan some maintenance operations for the ARIS Cloud from the 12th of November until the 19th of November...")?

Fact: I did create a new database which I deleted afterwards and it looks like the initial database changed to a basic mode

Question 2: Being in a trial period, can I do some Export of my database so I don't loose the information? We are considering the update from 9.7 to 9.8 or even ARIS Connect and I would like to keep the diagrams I created in ARIS Cloud, but I don't have an option to Export.

Thank you in advance.

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