We are trying to use the Overview tab in ARIS Connect as a user-friendly way to make our process information consumable by a broad audience.  This is needed because many people are overwhelmed by the appearance of the diagrams, and are more confortable reading process instructions in a list format.  This is very important for adoption of ARIS as our process referntial, that normal people can actually use.

Unfortunately the "Sort by Process Flow" option that is available does not work correctly, when there are branches in the process flow.  Practically all of our process flows have branches, so this is a big problem.  In many cases it is not even close to the correct order; it almost seems like it selects the order at random, starting somewhere in the middle of the  model and then going who knows where.

We have been able to force the order in some cases by numbering the tasks and using the "Sort horizontally" option, but this does not work right in all cases, the numbers are tedious to maintain, and the numbers make no sense when we use the tasks in other flows. 

How can we make this work correctly, so the tasks are shown in the correct process/logical order in the Overview tab?