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Hi everyone.

I'm writing a report and I need to launch the report from a Group.

From this group I need to get all the subgroups and eventually get all the EPC's and FAD's, so I'm trying to think about a solution (a recursive one might be the best option) but I'm not sure how it should be done.

Beside that, I'm using the "Childs()" methods, but I only get the subgroups and not the actual EPC or FAD I need.

Here is an example of the problem : 

(0)Group :

                 (1)sub group :

                                     (2)sub sub group:

                                                               (3)sub sub sub group 1 :

                                                                                               (4) Sub sub sub sub group 1

                                                                                                (4)Sub sub sub sub group 2:



                                                              (3)sub sub sub group 2:



 If I launch the report from Group , I can get all the subgroups , but I can't reach the EPC and the FAD stored in the sub sub sub sub group 2

If someone has a solution for the problem, I would really appreciate !

Thank you.

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