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Dear all,

Summary: I need to import a list of possible attribute values from an external system through a report script. How can I do this?


A customer wants to identify weak points (OT_RISK/ST_WEAK_POINT) in his business processes. He requested that each weak point shall be categorized, using two custom attributes with value lists.

He also requested that the possible values for these attributes should be imported and continually synchronized with an external system, which I planned to implement as a report script.

However, I can not find any report script methods that would allow me to change the Aris Metamodel in use. Note that I'm not trying to add or change attribute types on the fly, only the list of possible attribute values.

Can this be done through a report script? Or a macro? It certainly is possible through ARIS Architect's Administration interface, so, as far as I can see, there's no conceptual conflict....

Any help?


Tags: ARIS Report Scripting