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Second day is starting now at Sapphire Orlando. 
 SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann introduces into the second day of Sapphire now in Orlando with the paradigm  shift we are experiencing today in the technology world!
Jim's message:
- everything mobile
- everything cloud 
- everything in-memory
Mc Laren, world leading company and winner of numerous races,  shares his experience. Knowledge, data and values sharing within the company are key to the McLaren's success! Ron Dennis executive chariman of the McLaren group needs fast decision making, innovation and transparency. He therefore decided to go for SAP HANA!

SAP is innovating in 5 categories:

  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Applications
  • Database & technologies
  • Cloud
  • All powered by HANA and implementations driven by Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS – a real must to know)
Jim's recommendations to SAP customers for today
- consolidate 
- enable networks (cf Success Factors)
- add intelligence and not only reporting to predict the future
It's now time to get the chance to change, like the Appolo programm of Kennedy did decades ago for the aerospace! And according to Jim this is CLOUD!

SAP Cloud Focus areas are customers, people, money and suppliers. E.g. Financials onDemand, Procurement and Business networks.

Lars Dalgaard, founder and CEO of Success Factors and now responsbile for the cloud at SAP  gives overview on SAP Cloud and how to use it, e.g. to connect different department and supports dashboards connecting several applications into one single screen and demos the new SuccessFactors App on the iPad!, including pipeline trends graphs, dircet sending via messaging and team collaboration.
Speed, Simplicity and Personalization will be key to new innovative business models, based om innovative and flexible processes and technoology!