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Benefit from the experience of leading companies:

Get insights on how to successfully deal with Enterprise Management Systems.

From customer to customer!

Ignoring the opportunity to innovate new digital business models will be riskier than anything your company has ever done. So, set up an enterprise management system to support your digital transformation!

That will enable you to integrate all relevant information, documents and employee feedback, deliver the right information at the right time, and much more.

In this webinar you will learn the basics of enterprise management systems, in addition to gaining valuable insights on how leading businesses are benefiting from such innovation.

Our presenters included:

- Essam Shurbaji, Process Architect and Process Management System responsible at Deutsche Lufthansa will detail their management system mobile strategy and its benefits

- Wouter van Doesum, Business Process Improvement Partner at Maersk Drilling will highlight the importance of enterprise management systems in highly regulated industries and how to use them concretely

The recording is now available HERE!

You will learn how to increase quality, better manage your risks, and become more agile and efficient to survive in the digital world. Your enterprise management system will be the foundation of your digital future!

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