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On the occasion of our second International Partner Enablement Training event in Saarbrücken we were pleased to welcome more than 20 of our international partners.

According to a typical lifecycle, all relevant topics were covered, and all partners were invited to participate in various exercises, such as performing a standard setup installation, configuring a Business Publisher, connecting an LDAP system, providing a multi-node environment, configuring ARIS Connect, migrating data from ARIS 7,  and, of course, performing updates with the coming release. The direct contact with the colleagues from ARIS R&D gave the partners the unique opportunity to get insights, tips, and tricks directly from the experts. In spite of the intense training activities there was always enough time left for networking and for lively exchanges among the participants on all kinds of subjects.

International Partner Enablement

As a conclusion we can say that this event was a successful one, and also very informative, not only for the partners, but also for the R&D employees who had the opportunity to get to know some details about the ambitious ARIS projects operated by our partners.

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