I am new to ARIS reporting and struggling to create a report using the WYSIWYG editor.

Basically we have created process models using the Enterprise BPMN Collaboration Diagram models and supplemented them with FAD models for addition information (systems, input / outputs docs, policies etc.). 

I want to create a report that I can run against a process model that outputs all the functions (tasks) from that model with some attributes (task type, description/definition) and the supporting information such as system used to support the task, if any policies are linked etc. from the FAD.

I can create the report to output all functions and any attributes but I am struggling to get the supporting information that is sitting in FAD's. Note that not all functions have an FAD associated with it, not sure if this causes an issue or not.

Looking for some help to:

1) work out if this report is possible using the WYSIWYG editor

2) any ideas how I would do this?

Thanks in advance!!