Hello All,

I can not launch the ARIS Architect/Designer, since I got my system reformatted. As soon as I click on the "Start" button on the download clients page of ARIS Connect, the ARIS Architect login doesn't kick in and I get a message popup stating "Windows has blocked this software bceause it cant verify the publisher" as show below -

Windows has blockd this software becuase it can't verify the publisher









I have tried changing the IE settings by allowing unsigned activeX control/scripts, installing different java versions, adding URls to trusted site list. I have even tried different browsers and even different systems (laptop and desktop).

I have also tried to use three different ARIS Design/Connect servers (environments), but I get same result. Is there any security setting in system that needs to be changed or has this got something to do with any recent Windows 7 update?

Please help ! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ! :)


Thanks and regards,

Ketan kulkarni

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