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UMG Strategy Scorecard Mashup - explained

As this community group shows on a daily basis, ARIS MashZone facilitates easy dashboarding for all sorts of business use cases. When it comes to strategic performance management, balanced scorecards are the most prominent, broadly adopted method. With ARIS Balanced Scorecard, the ARIS Strategy platform provides already a software tool the that helps you design your scorecards structured along different perspectives, business objectives, KPIs, initiatives, etc. In addition to this, ARIS MashZone now provides you with the perfect web-based environment to breathe life into your BSC design. While each BSC is different, the ARIS MashZone gallery server exhibits an example scorecard mashup for our demo company UMG.

(Click on the picture to open the Mashup in a new window!)

Some explanatory notes:

  • For each BSC perspective you see the current status of the UMG strategy from different perspectives and can drill them down into strategic objectives, KPIs and action plans. You can filter the data by perspectives, objectives, and roles.
  • The speedometers show the degree of achievement for each perspective. The time filter allows you to switch between different periods.
  • The scorecard details reveal the status of the strategic objectives, the actual and plan values of the corresponding KPIs and the actions planned to achieve the objective.
  • You can filter the scorecard details by selecting a perspective or clicking on an objective. If you click on the play button, the MashUp walks you through all perspectives automatically.
  • Zooming in and out of the bar diagram gives you a better overview of the KPIs.
  • Selecting a role filters the action plan by this role.
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