I want to find the incoming and outgoing connections of objects of type 'Activity'. Have searched in the  ARIS help, I found one function 'getConnections' but when I'm executing the report i'm getting the error as below.Also I observed there is one Macro class named 'ConnectableDef' that we pass as a parameter to the function 'getConnections' , but then too I'm getting the error.Can anyone help me out to resolve this?Thanks in advance.






by Robert Goldenbaum
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Posted on Tue, 12/04/2018 - 07:51


well, some of those methods are only for object occurrences and not for object defintions. If memory serves right, you should use InEdges and OutEdges for object definitions...

BR Robert

Posted on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 12:44

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Hi Robert,

Thank You for your reply.

Could you please tell me the appropriate function  for finding out the missing connection that I can use ,since currently I'm using getConnectedObjs()  that looks for the relationships between the objects.Using getConnectedObjs sometimes I may not get all the missing connections.Would appreciate if you could provide me with the function :)

Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Boddu


by Kay Fischbach
Posted on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 13:03

Are you writing a report or a macro?

For reports

when you have a object definition you can use


to get the definitions of relationships.

For macros

you can use


Note that Designer.getConnections requires you to pass an array of ConnectableDef objects, so use surrounding square brackets to put your object definition into a new array.


If you could paste a snippet of your code here and describe what you are trying to achieve, I could look further into it.


Edit: maybe I should add here, that methods for Reports and Macros are NOT interchangeable. Reports are executed on the ARIS server, while Macros are executed on your client PC - imagine they speak a different language (in the end they both speak Javascript and ArisScript, but a different kind of ArisScript). When you're using your ARIS client, click the little question mark icon in the top right corner. From the website that opens pick "ARIS Script". On the next page in the left panel you should see "ARIS Script" and hierarchically below that there are two points

  • Methods for macros and transformations
  • Methods for reports and semantic checks

Everything you find hierarchically below those points are only usable for what their top node says - report methods for reports, macro methods for macros.

Posted on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 07:54

In reply to by Kay Fischbach

Hi Kay,

Thank you for your reply.

Actually I'm writing a report. I have a requirement to find the missing connections between objects(Ex:Activity) in a process level model type (Ex: EPC Model Type). 

For example in the below image: there is a missing connection between Obj1(Register document in ProArc) and Obj2(Distribute according to matrix).My requirement is to find such objects.

Currently I'm using getConnectedObjs() ,which I assume by investigating , looks for relationship between objects.So there are cases wherein if we dont have a connection between objects, there is still relationship holding,because of which the objects don't get captured in the report.So I have two questions :1)What is the exact difference between relationship between objects and connection between objects.? 2) As per my requirement, is there any predefined function in ARIS to find the missing connections, or shall I proceed with getConnectedObjs function?

Please find below the code snippet:

It would be really very appreciating if you could provide me with the solution :)


Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Boddu



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