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Only few weeks are left 'till the general availability of the ARIS Governance Engine. I'd like to use this opportunity to give you some background information about the how and why of this new ARIS product. <!--more--> I assume most of the readers are familiar with the overall positioning of IDS Scheer as a BPM company.

When we talk about BPM we don't focus like some BPMS vendors on the technical aspect of the automation of an operational process – we think any kind of change of the organization or a process is BPM. That reaches from a pure change of responsibilities in a line of business w/o any IT involvement, classical business process reengineering, business transformation projects with or without new technology, implementation of a packaged applications as well as SOA/Software engineering.

As many of the changes today have to be supported by IT, it's also a lot about alignment of business with IT, which is a key success factor for such initiatives. Our tooling provides the functionality to support these ongoing changes from the definition and maintenance of business strategies, process architectures, end 2 end processes, implementation level models, out of the box integration with leading technology providers like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft just to mention a few, and of course our monitoring / process discovery functions.

At the end of course the goal is to create new or adopt existing processes in a line of business or a support unit to environmental changes, market trends, customer needs or create new ones. But to adopt the organization especially in a sustainable way is itself a process. And it is an important one. What can be more dangerous for a company than changing the organization?

To establish governance based on a BPM approach without clear processes, responsibilities and transparency might become a nightmare. And we can see such governance processes suffer from the same problems than any operational process. The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. No transparency, delays, media breaks,... you name it.

With the ARIS Governance Engine we provide a workflow and automatization tooling to address these kinds of processes that we call Governance processes or sometimes BPM processes. To effectively change processes in a transparent, efficient way, with a buy-in of all stakeholders is the goal.

Business Value? Faster cycle times (time to market), higher transparency and with that the necessary acceptance for changes. In my next post I'm going to show you how we came up with the idea of a BPM governance engine. In the meantime I like to ask you for your experiences with change processes and how you manage them!