I'm having some trouble displaying accents and cedillhas in some IT Inventory screens. For example:

However, I used the correct unicode escapes when configuring the strings property file (messages_en.properties), as suggested by an IDS technician:

inventory.sysfactsheet.property.CanaisdeInteracao.DBI=Canais de Interac\u00E7\u00E3o

inventory.sysfactsheet.node.CanaisdeInteracao.DBI=Canais de Interac\u00E7\u00E3o

inventory.sysfactsheet.groupname.CanaisdeInteracao.DBI=Canais de Interac\u00E7\u00E3o

inventory.sysfactsheet.description.CanaisdeInteracao.TTP=Canais de interac\u00E7\u00E3o com Clientes (...)

Why is the same string (the first one) being displayed correctly in the main browser window and incorrectly in the pop up?


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