Hello all,

I am developing a report for changing the position of object occurrences in a model. At the report's core all I have is a loop that calls SetPosition for each occurrence.

for each occ in model:
  calculate x and y
  occ.SetPosition(x, y)


I run the report with model closed, to assure occurrence positions can be changed successfully.

However, when I open the model inside Designer after running the report,  occurrence positions have not changed. What I find odd is that internally, occurrence positions are being set! I have spent many hours debugging and experimenting with simple cases and still can't find why the model graphics aren't being updated.

Is there is some kind of model layout cache that is not being updated after the new positions are set using occurrence.SetPosition()?

I am using ARIS 7.0.2., is this a known bug..?


Tags: Report script