We have just started using ARIS and are trying to setup some catalogues for roles, org units, systems/applications, etc. Now we are wanting to link those to our BPMN models so that we can see who does what task in what system, and if you change one system which processes, roles, etc. are impacted. 

I've found it quite cumbersome though to link those catalogues back to the process tasks though as I need to have a dozen of different catalogue models open to copy paste the objects in. Is it possible to tie an attribute to a catalogue/ function type that drops down and automatically pulls in all the roles for example?

So for example, if I have created the roles Client Services Officer and Client Services Manager that I can select this from a drop down attribute in the BPMN model?

At the moment I first create the BPMN model and then create a Functional Allocation Diagram (FAD) for each step in the process manually copy pasting the relevant roles and other objects that are related to that task. Alternatively, if I know what the role, system, etc. is called I can start typing it so it autofills the rest - but I don't always know the what it's called. So for one BPMN model i create a dozen or more separate FADs. Is this the way it is meant to happen or am I missing something?

Much appreciate your input.



Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Cloud Enterprise Architecture