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   As we are maturing in our EA practice, we would like to migrate our approved objects and models to Enterprise folders, as projects are completed.   Some of these models will reflect As-is processes for a specific 'Scope' of the company.   The Scope could be one or more geographic areas (country, region, state, etc) - but it could also be specific to one or more 'business unit' or division scopes.   The scope could even be specific to a particular type of facility - for example manufacturing plants.

   We would like to come up with a flexible way to model these various types of Scope - so that as our business changes, we don't have to replicate the same model for additional Scope areas.   So of course we would not plan to include the 'Scope' in the name of the model or even in a folder name.    We were thinking of defining Scope objects, and linking the Models to the relevant objects.

    This can be further complicated by the fact that our high-level models may often be global in nature - but the related drill-down models are more likely to have different Scopes.    

   Has anyone had experience with this type of modeling need ?   Suggestions ? Pitfalls ?

     Really appreciate the valuable contributions from this community !






by Ivo Velitchkov
Posted on Fri, 04/29/2011 - 06:33

I would suggest using Process Selection Diagram. The 'scenario' or 'high-level process' can be used as 'scope'. (The Process Selection Diagram is a real matrix while Process Selection Matrix is not. )

by Joyce Leftly Author
Posted on Fri, 04/29/2011 - 17:57

Dear Ivo,

    Thank you for your suggestion.   Just to explain further - we were not looking for a particular model type, but for a flexible way to identify the 'Scope' of all kinds of different models.

     I think this is a fairly complex design question.....will be interesting to see if there are any other ideas about how to approach this.

     Happy weekend !




by Rick Bosworth
Posted on Thu, 05/12/2011 - 18:16

The most common approach I have seen for this is simply specifying in the model name the scope of the model. This is done by applying a modifier, often at the end in parens, to the model name. Thus the "global" model is Order-toCash, and the variations are Order-to-Cash (North America), Order-to-Cash (Asia Pacific), Order-to-Cash (Retail) etc. This has the flexibility to be used on any model at any level of detail. As Ivo has pointed out, the Process Selection Diagram is often used as a mechanism to manage the variations of a model for different scopes. There are other details to be worked out depending on how you choose to manage the variations - use variants or not, keep track of "global" vs narrower scope variations or not . . . .


Hope that helps,


by Vinay Agarkhed
Posted on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 14:53

Very good suggestion by Mr. Rick Bosworth

Another thing you can do along with this suggestion is that, maintaining the value type "attribute" for the models, to say the values can be North-America, South-America, Asia-Pacific...etc

This will add overhead of maintaing the attribute for all models but looking at the benifit side of this maintenance this task is worth and also its one time activity. Also, this will help in searching the models belongs to a particular scope which can be of any type...

Hope this adds value



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