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Through attending a recent conference in Birmingham, I identified key figures from some of the UK's leading companies who shared their experiences of delivering fundamental aspects of the CIO agenda and the contribution that IDS Scheer and ARIS are making.

Several themes emerged. Firstly, existing approaches to the management and improvement of business processes can be a barrier to engagement, and companies running SAP can have problems involving business people effectively.

Paul Baines of CSC said, "Getting a complete view of business process, in a really usable form, means using ARIS." He described the experience of using SAP reporting outputs with business people and contrasted that with the ARIS approach. "With ARIS, processes and their component steps are presented in business language and with a logical flow. People ask questions, suggest changes; they are engaged."

For Vodafone, communication was a key issue too. A huge change programme has adopted ARIS Business Publisher as the primary tool for effective process-related communication. Frits Wiegel described how using ARIS Business Publisher meant processes could be documented and communicated in a more self-explanatory way, carrying more management information without losing their operational accuracy. "With the help of a business process portal on our intranet, several thousand users are now able to drill down through processes and reach the detail they need," he said.

Business process excellence also involves standardisation and rigour, as Steve Edney at Diageo explained. "We plan to use ARIS to define and manage the Diageo enterprise architecture,  run simulation modelling and user testing, and implement comprehensive governance of our business process design." He described how ARIS is a key element in delivering standardisation across the Diageo business, which is a key element of the company's strategic ambitions.

But it's not just about the tools; people count too as Tesco Bank have found. "ARIS and IDS Scheer are reassuring partners because the more the relationship deepens and the demands on the product increase, the more there is on offer," said Peter McClean. "As Tesco Bank's requirements grow, there's a lot of confidence that ARIS will continue to deliver."

For a more in-depth view into what the UK's leading companies thought about IDS Scheer and ARIS's contribution in delivering the fundamentals of the CIO agenda look out for the full interviews coming soon on ARIS UK and Ireland Community.

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