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Hi all

We are currently generating a filter from a database. The workflow is a bit of a hassle though.

Let us say we already have the filter F1 generated from the database B, we want to update the Filter F1.

Our current workflow is : 

  1. Make changes to the database B
  2. Create a new filter automatically from  B : this gives us a new filter F2 with a new GUID different  from F1 GUID. I cannot see an option to replace the existing filter F1
  3. In all models databases which are using F1 as default method filter, and for all user groups who are assigned the F1 filter : change the filter from F1 to F2
  4. Rename F1 as F1.YYMMDD ,
  5. rename F2 as F1


Step 3 is really time consuming, is there a better way to do it ? 

Ideally I'd like to :

  1. Make changes to the database B
  2. Generate a filter F2 from B replacing the existing Filter F1
  3. Done


Tags: ARIS 10 Filter