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Many process owners in organizations and even line-of-business managers spend their time on fixing issues in their e.g., production processes. Once they have identified bottlenecks in their processes via process discovery techniques, they then perform manual analysis to identify the root causes behind those bottlenecks.

But it could be so much easier:

Automate your process analysis with the Root Cause Miner in ARIS Process Mining. Focus on fixing process issues instead of performing manual analysis. The automated root cause analysis in ARIS Process Mining makes use of algorithms to identify the relevant influencing factors of a problem in a process. The algorithm searches the discovered data for conspicuous structures, patterns, and correlations to derive which have the highest possible impact. By identifying those root causes, they can be eliminated, solving problems that cause delays and bottlenecks and achieving better results.

As an example:

Interactively define an analysis question, e.g., process cycle time > 7 days, and have the Root Cause Miner identify a list of root causes that promote or hinder the specified process characteristic, ranked by their influence.

Root Cause Miner

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