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The headline already reveals that we are proud to announce not only a new release of Process Live, but also the availability of a new data center in Australia. Our customers from down under can now profit from the great performance of Process Live, as well. You can read more about the new datacenter in Sydney in our  Realty Check blog. But of course, there are many other new features, and they are useful for everyone around the world.

Within the next few days, I will start a blog post series to introduce the new features of Process Live with special posts.

For a first taste, go ahead and find an overview of the content here:

You don't want to wait? Then start with your free trial version of Process Live immediately. You can get your free trial on If you are already using a free trial of Process Live you can profit from one of the great highlights of the public cloud. The update has already been implemented by us. So please log in to your free trial and you will see that you are now working with the new version.

We will use this post to collect all feature posts about Process Live in a single place. Please use this URL as a reference (this post will be edited to reflect updates).


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