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ARIS Cloud is available in three editions: ARIS Cloud Basic, Advanced and Enterprise, providing you the right capabilities for your current project needs. Within the next days I will give you an overview of all new features of ARIS Cloud 9.7. Again I will use this post to collect all feature posts about ARIS Cloud 9.7 in a single place. Please use this URL as a reference (this post will be edited to reflect updates).

For a first taste, go ahead and find an overview of the content here:

New features available in ARIS Cloud Basic and ARIS Cloud Advanced:

New features available in ARIS Cloud Advanced:

You are not able to wait? Then go to and start with your free trial version of ARIS Cloud Basic immediately.

If you are already using a free trial of ARIS Cloud you can profit from one of the great highlights of the public cloud. The update has already been implemented by us. So please log in to your free trial and you will see that you are now working with the new version.

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