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Today I would like to show you the next highlights of ARIS Cloud. Topics in my post are the improved portal view and the relationship and occurrence information for objects.

 With ARIS Cloud 9.7 it is possible to select objects in the portal view to obtain further details.

If you open a process in the portal view you can select for example a process activity to obtain further details.



Another great new feature is the relationship and occurrence information for objects that a designer (you need design user priviliges) can now see in the design mode.

Open a process model and switch to the diagram view.

Select the pen icon to go to the edit mode.

If you now select an object in the process you can see the related occurrences to monitor reuse of the object. This allows you to see and go to all occurrences within the current model or to see and to go to related occurrences in other models.


Click on relationships to see dependencies of the process object in the model or to see relationships to objects in other models.



Sounds interesting for you? Then use the top benefit of a cloud product. The software is always up to date and the new feature is already waiting for you in the cloud ;).

 Login to your ARIS Cloud account or your free trial account and try it out.




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