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Today I write my last post about the new features that will be available in all of the new editions. Next week I will post about special ARIS Cloud Advanced features.

Let' start with the improved availability of reports. In ARIS Cloud 9.7 it is now also possible for viewers to run a report.

Viewers and designers can run reports on a model or a selected object:


Before you run a report you can choose from different output formats. As soon as you have created your first report a red number appears in the upper right corner. 


This red number shows you the queue of reports run within your current session.


The next great feature is the design client that allows you to change symbol types. Let’s use a BPMN process as an example process and switch to the editing mode:

To change the symbol of the object “Collecting incoming applications" you only have to select the object, click “change symbol” and select for example a manual task.



You can see that the object symbol changed immediately.



The last new feature that I would like to introduce today is the BPMN im- and export. To im- or export an BPMN model go to the repository.

Select a group and click the arrow next to the group name:


In the drop down menu click “Import BPMN diagram” and select the BPMN model that you would like to import.

To export a BPMN model select the model in the repository view and click "More".


In the drop down menu you can now select BPMN export to run the export.



Feel free to test the new features in your personal ARIS Cloud project room. You don’t have access to a project room? No worries. You can get your free trial on


Have fun with ARIS Cloud



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