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To improve user experience and to harmonize navigation efforts for all ARIS Enterprise users, ARIS 10 SR16 starts with a complete redesign of the ARIS landing page.

But what is in it for you? 

First the new redesigned landing page offers you direct access to some free-of-charge ARIS trainings and “getting started videos” on the ARIS community. 

ARIS landing page

Besides that, a brand-new app launcher or app switcher enables a quick jump to the most important actions like e.g.  direct access to published content and repositories. If you also use ARIS Process Mining or ARIS Risk & Compliance, you can now profit from a place to switch between the different products. 

ARIS Enterprise - app switcher landing page

And best of all, if you don’t like the new design, you can change it immediately! That means you can edit the new landing page with a very intuitive and redesigned self-service configuration or WYSIWYG editor. It’s now easy as pie to quickly adapt your background, adjust and move the tiles/ landing page components around, add new components or comfortably edit them to fit your style.  

Want to see it in action? Find out more in our short tutorial video:

New landing page in ARIS 10 SR16 | Software AG - YouTube



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