Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding simulation.Any help will be appreciated.

  1. Is "Resource Allocation" attribute of functions valid only for different resources, or also for multiple instances of same resource? In my scenario, I have 5 doctors in total, and all of them are required to attend patients during clinic hours. Now if I set "Number of required employees" attribute to 1, degree of utilization is around 84% and about 89% process folders are processes; when set to 5, it's almost 100% and only 11% created folders are processed. How do I model the doctors alternatively treating patients, i.e, an incoming patient is assigned to the doctor who is free or about to get free?
  2. When simulation runs, process folders are created in a stream and many folders are being processes at different states simultaneously.  Is it possible to make simulation run so one folder is created, simulated till the end of the model, and then next folder is created?
  3. What effect does "Commit Resource" attribute of function-role association have on simulation, if any?



Tags: simulation