When I open the Factsheet of a 'Sytem'-object I can see tabs like 'Process architecure', 'Informations architecture', 'Technical architecture' and 'IT infrastucture'.

These tabs are all empty at the moment, can anybody tell how/where this information can be populated?

Michiel Overeem

by Ralf Angeli
Posted on Thu, 04/22/2021 - 11:19

Do you have the United Motor Group database available? In this database there are a bunch of IT systems that are used to demonstrate these fact sheets, e.g. A-PLAN and PRO-ORDER. If you open the fact sheets of these systems, you should see most of what the various fact sheet tabs may contain.

In this database and with these sample IT systems you can also see how the various things shown on the fact sheets are modeled, in particular, which model types are used.

For your courtesy, here is an overview of what is defined for the fact sheet contents, i.e. attribute types, object types and connection types. "AST" means Application System Type, i.e. the object type of the IT system for which the fact sheet is shown. "--foo->" and "<-bar--" denote connection types with their respective direction.


  • Properties: Shows values of attributes types Name, Full name, Manufacturer, Release, Standardization status, Individual development, Guarantee/Warranty, Number of internal users, Number of external users, Criticality, Availability, Maximum downtime
  • Related projects: AST <-refers to-- Task

Process architecture

  • Capabilities: AST --supports-> Capability
  • Used in: Occurrence of AST in model types EPC, EPC (material flow), EPC (column display), EPC (row display), EPC (table display), EPC (horizontal table display), Process schedule, Enterprise BPMN collaboration diagram, Enterprise BPMN process diagram (In newer releases occurrences in Function Allocation Diagrams are supported as well.)
  • Utilizing business segments: AST <-can be user-- Organizational unit

Information architecture

  • Managed data: AST --is owner of-> Cluster/Data model
  • Produced data: AST --has as output-> Cluster/Data model
  • Consumed data: AST <-is input for-- Cluster/Data model

Technical architecture

  • Components: AST --uses-> AST (with System Type attribute set to Component)

IT infrastructure

  • Instances: AST <-is of type-- Application system
by Vassiliki Spentzou
Posted on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 15:57

@Ralf Angeli is there maybe a factsheets description of all default items provided in ARIS Connect similar to the one you provided above ? This would be really helpful in the requirements phase of an ARIS Connect Customization project in order to present the customer what is already there for them and help them easily what they need on top or maybe modify. None of the pdfs at the Installation DVD nor the On Line Help provide this kind of info and it is i think a very nice accelerator when you need to make customizations . Thank you in advance

by Ralf Angeli
Posted on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 10:23

As far as I know, such a description is not available. So I'm afraid you'll have to keep dealing with the XML files that implement the fact sheets. (For the post above I also had to look into those.)

by Vassiliki Spentzou
Posted on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 11:23

can i refer to this conversation in order to open a Brainstorm Feature Request ?

Many thanks for your response

by Ralf Angeli
Posted on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 13:04



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