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Today’s companies face a new entity of sophisticated customers demanding the use of modern technologies and omnichannel distribution, and they are used to best-in-class-service and cross-industry benchmarks. But most of all, they know about their own market power. In the age of the customers, customers expect to get what they want, when, how and where they want it. And if they don´t get what they want, they can increasingly jump the store to buy somewhere else.

In such a highly dynamic competitive environment, stability is the most dangerous situation. The attempt to maintain stability inhibits innovations and makes companies blind for the changing needs of their customers and the challenging requirements of the markets. To stand out in this hypercompetition, companies have to learn how to exploit short-lived opportunities and how to surf on the waves of innovations. So the recognition of opportunities will become one of the core skills that decide about success and failure.

All in one, the concept of Customer Experience Management helps you to understand what customers want to achieve and how they want to interact with your business and your processes. Listen to the voice of the market to identify opportunities. Listen to the voice of the customers to take their needs, their expectations and their desires into account. Listen to the voice of your business to define your objectives and finally orchestrate all voices to one symphony of processes that increases both your organization’s value and your customer’s satisfaction.

Read the next blog at the ARIS Community and learn what customer experience really means and how you start to establish a successful Customer Experience Management with ARIS.

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