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Today, I am very proud to announce that the Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM has been published! Get it now free of charge at:

EBPM book

The book is a valuable collection of all information and worth knowing facts around Enterprise BPM. It explains and summarizes all entry points on the way to a process-driven organization – and it is for FREE:

  • Chapter 1: Enterprise BPM – Removing Silos to Unleash Process Power
  • Chapter 2: Business Process Analysis – Transforming your Business by Transforming your Processes
  • Chapter 3: Enterprise Architecture Management – Getting IT on Track with Your Processes and Your Business
  • Chapter 4: Business Process Management – Automating your Processes to Outperform your Competition
  • Chapter 5: Process Intelligence – Improving Process Performance with Continuous Monitoring
  • Chapter 6: Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Management – Why Process-Driven GRC is the Only Way to Go

Participate and provide your feedback on the chapters. Share your best practices, pitfalls, new trends, and any other insights. The first 5 comments will receive a free printed version of the book. Let’s collaborate on the next chapters of the Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM!

Have fun reading!

For more information about Enterprise BPM, please click here!