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ARIS 9ARIS 9 is about to be released and it is quite a firework of innovations! It offers a truly collaborative process improvement environment, it is easy to use, powerful to improve processes and it helps to keep your business agile.

I am happy to invite you to the first webinars. Get an insight and explore the new clear surface and features of our major release.

ARIS 9 opens up process improvement to anyone, convince yourself and register today!

April 23 - ARIS 9: The Future of Process Has Begun

See how ARIS 9 unites 20 years of business process analysis experience with the power of social collaboration, mobile, information and cloud to improve business processes.
Every of these forces has a huge impact on your employees, your processes as well as your IT and ARIS 9 considers all of them.

May 7 - ARIS 9: Top 10 Capabilities

Analysts have recognized ARIS for decades as market-leading process improvement software. Discover how ARIS 9 takes a quantum leap forward in process design, consumption, analysis and collaborative improvement.
See why ARIS 9 is easier to use and smarter to run than ever before.

May 21 - ARIS 9: First Customer Feedback

Customer input drove our newest ARIS release—so, it’s not surprising that ARIS customers were also the first to test-drive ARIS 9 and especially the new ARIS Connect. Hear their feedback and learn how they are using ARIS 9 to improve processes and reach their business goals.

Register here for our webinar series to see how ARIS 9 can help transform your business quickly into a Digital Enterprise.