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Having been the host of the ARIS track sessions at this year´s Innovation World in San Francisco, I would like to share some impressions and a short review of some of the great presentations we had.

This was the place to be for all ARIS experts, prospects and users on October 9 and 10:

As the agenda was packed with exciting topics and great customers, we had a full house the whole two days:

Let me wrap up the presentations from Bank of America, Fonterra and The Coca Cola Company.

Tim Deacon talked about “BPM Adoption – The Power of Connecting” and we learned that adopting BPM is one way for stakeholders of large multi-national enterprises (such as Bank of America) to connect and stay connected. We could explore the drivers for this need to connect, the way modern technology and BPM promote these connections and lessons learned while driving the adoption of BPM. Very exciting and useful. Thanks Tim!

Another great presentation was the one from Fonterra... When Nigel Adler, the BPM responsible there, had reached out to me in advance and asked for a table, a chair and PLASTIC WRAP I became very curious. This was the setting...:

Want to know what “happened”? Check this out:

The Coca Cola Company also held a great presentation about “BPM in the Context of Global ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementations”. Petra Burgstaller spoke about the global implemantation of BPM in the context of ERP at Coca-Cola Bottling companies using SAP® and other solutions. Business process standardization and the implementation of best-practice processes are the company's key guiding principles.

Let me also give you a heads up to the “ARIS World” – the 90minutes keynote about ARIS, its roadmap and ARIS in the cloud. Watch the video.

It was an awesome event with great customers, exciting presentations and a whole lot to learn and to get to know. Let me urgently recommend that you come to next year´s Innovation World in New Orleans, don´t miss it.

And here´s a photo booth snapshot from the Customer Celebration Party: How many people were inside the booth, what do you guess? Do you recognize someone? Please comment.

See you in New Orleans!

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