I'm creating a report and I have a problem with the search time. I'm using the FIND Method of the Database to find objDefs with a special type and *name* (with WILDCARDS) for later display the objDefs names in a table.

The problem is that I'm searching among hundreds of thousands of objects and never finish the search.

When I perform the same search in the Search option (right button on the DB) the same thing happens.

I think it is normal because it is downloading the complete information of all objDefs

The frustrating thing is that when I create this object and I put a part of the name and press the button "..." to look for objects that have part of that name, the search ends in a couple of seconds.

And it seems that this search is so fast because it only downloads the name of the objects and some extra attributes but not the entire objDef..
I don't know if I explained it well, I just started with ARIS :P


Is there a way to do this same search or something that does not take so long?


PS: Sorry for my English, is not very good :)

Many thanks.

Tags: ARIS Report ARIS script