I'm making a report to refresh every day a DB in the Business Publisher Server.

It works fine but I can't find the way to read the messages of the result.

Short Code:

publisher = Context.getComponent("BusinessPublisher");
readonlyDB = ArisData.openDatabase(BD_NAME, true);

infoUpdate = publisher.updateExport(readonlyDB, PUBLISHER_SERVER, EXPORTATION_BD_NAME);

var foo = infoUpdate.getMsgs();


The problem is the result of "getMsgs()" (Collection <Message>) in the "Report class BPExportResult"

foo.get(0) // Output: com.aris.modeling.common.core.progress.Message@7a88b227
foo.get(1) // Output: com.aris.modeling.common.core.progress.Message@475dd97f
foo.get(2) // Output: com.aris.modeling.common.core.progress.Message@2ba43e2c

How can I read this messages ? :S


Many Thanks.

Tags: ARIS Business Publisher ARIS Report ARIS script