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One of today’s biggest challenges of CIOs is to transform IT into a flexible construct which is able to react fast on business changes and meet business expectations. At the same time CIOs have to cut cost with the result that they have to deliver more with less. But managing IT just by its cost is out-dated. The only chance to deal with this challenge is to increase operational efficiency of IT by harmonization and standardization of processes, applications and technologies as well as by consolidation of IT assets and reduction in redundancies. But focusing on technology operations to reach operational efficiency is not enough. If the actual value IT is providing to the business cannot be demonstrated clearly, it will be a hard fight to defend IT’s spending and investment.

SOA Portfolio Management helps to demonstrate the business value of IT by transforming  redundant IT Services into shared business services and thus leverage the alignment of IT with business objectives.

SOA Portfolio Management

  • Ensures that IT capabilities are build based on business priorities
  • Helps to translate the Enterprise Architecture vision into the reality of deployable services
  • Helps to receive better investment decisions based on KPI’s of the SOA deployment

Software AG enables SOA Portfolio Management by combining the power of ARIS Enterprise Architecture Solution (Analyze, Design & Plan) and CentraSite (Build, Manage & Run).

With this approach prioritization of services that need to be built can be driven out of an EA program, EA dashboards can be enriched with operational info of the SOA infrastructure and in the end the value of IT to the Business can be demonstrated.

SOA Portfolio Management with ARIS and CentraSite

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