Hey Everyone,

I´m having some trouble with a report in my company and cannot get around to it.

There is one specific model attribute that is supposed to be filled with as many values as needed. It is a glossary of technical terms. I need to output the value of this attribute to a table in the report, and this table should be made of as many rows as the number of technical terms and definitions that were filled in the attribute´s value.

To make sure I made it clear, here is an example:

The Attribute value reads: "term1: definition1; term2: definition2; term3: definition 3;(...);termX: definitionX"

The result in the report should be a table with two columns that looks something like:

Term1: Definition1

Term2: Definition2

Term3: Definition3


TermX: Definition X.


I hope I could make myself clear. Any help towards achieving that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance to everyone in the community.