So, I'm trying to extend our use of ARIS from process modelling into deeper information modelling. We have used variants of the IE Data model and the eERM attribute allocation diagram to describe various aspects of our information landscape. 

When it comes to different representations of the same data, I'm running into a wall. What I'd like to do is to model

  1. what ERM attributes (belonging to one Entity Type) are similar to (for the business level) other ERM attributes;
  2. what business level clusters/entities/attributes are represented by logical or physical level entities/attributes (where we move from business terminology to system table and column names); 
  3. what physical level attributes in one system are copied into which physical level attributes in another system (or even the same, when tables represent overlapping concepts).

The wall I am running into is that I can find almost no connection types that are actually permitted to connect two ERM Attribute objects. I would be happy enough to manage and show connections as a Matrix model, but that requires some connection type with a reasonably relevant name.

The only option I find is the "propagates" relation in either the Attribute allocation diagram (Solution design) or the OMT object model: that's a reasonable fit to case 3 above, but a less felicitious name for cases 1 and 2. Are there any other options apart from those that use model types that connect ERM attributes to some arbitrary intermediate objects? If so, how do I generate a Matrix model from those models, for a more compact representation?

Tags: ARIS 10 Enterprise Architecture