I am Patrik Hallen, CEO of a small business consulting firm in Stockholm, Sweden. Our tag line is " #1 in Enterprise Modeling " and some of our customers are using ARIS Designer.

Until recently we have had our own Tool Experts but due to various events things are about to change. We aim to be a one-stop shop for customers who are serious about building their enterprise architecture and aim to work efficiently with ARIS as their supporting tool. However, we plan to focus more on the actual use in terms of modeling, analysis and architecture. We think that it is too expensive to rebuild a technical competency. 

We look for someone that could strengthen our capability by working with specific assignments related to the use of ARIS. A typical situation would be that we at aRway need to develop a script or report in a customer assignment. We provide you with a specific assignment request. Once aRway approves your quote you start working and deliver the solution to aRway, and we in turn take the solution to the customer. A joint environment for development and test would most likely be an efficient way to work.

Does this sound interesting? If so, send me an email at patrik.hallen@arway.se.