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Next time we talk about processes. But to prepare you a little - here are the 4 stages of the processes for ACC (ARIS Competency center).

  • Core Team Development
  • Content Development
  • Operational Readiness
  • Deployment

I have attached an extremely detailed process EPC which I actually use for ACC development. So this is not teaser of anything - this is the real Dune from Frank Herbert. (this is the spice - you be the worm)

So the question you should ask where is sustenance which should have been the last part - its kinda Fourier Transformation (the series does not have any meaning other than a pattern) but the transformation works. ARIS competency center  does the sustaining act (a set cannot be a subset and a superset).

Let's start with Core team development - if you remember in my previous discussion (Part 3) I have talked about the roles. This is the stage where you create the roles and assign them the functional duties. (here you go grandma jump from the plane wearing a billabong t-shirt)

If you look into the model you will not see these 4 stages marked specifically because many of the acts from each group happen in parallel. For each process step you will notice the roles, risks and documents (yes, this is important and this is more of the content development). The documents are the deliverable. I will be giving this document structures out in the next 15 articles.  Through these documents in a proper sequence you create a library which the entire enterprise can use in a logical manner. The real challenge is to publish the documents in proper order.

This process is little bit linear in nature - in reality it is more recursive and that is something you have to design to map to your own environment

Request: this is about 3 years of hard-work so if you use it please remember us - sometimes we get hungry too.

I have 2 pdfs - one in A4 format and other in A0 format. You can plot the second one

by Ellen Kahler
Posted on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 23:35

So with this type of model structure -- all steps in one EPC -- how do you reuse parts, globalize, etc?  Whether this is an IT type model or a business process model reuse and globalization need to be considered.  Let's say that our Brazil region for whatever government regulation needs to add three steps.  How do you represent this?  Also, say we operate in 20 countries and all 20 have their own couple of steps that "have to be" included.  How is this handled?



by Pinaki Ghosh Author
Posted on Thu, 08/25/2011 - 02:35

this is just ACC process -this has nothing to do with localization or tenant model. Your Brazil org will need a variance model which will have those 4 steps (just one way).


If you operate in 20 countries then you can have 20 variants or just one model and mark the steps in one model showing the location.

by Jeanette Schwebius
Posted on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 00:39

I would be very interested to hear how others are handling the situation Ms. Ellen Kahler refers to?   Or a little more detail on what Mr. Pinaki Ghosh refers to as variance models?

We have the same situation in our organization, where we've tried to split our processes into "re-usable" pieces in order to achieve an End-to-End view of a larger process.  This means sections of the E2E process are reused by multiple other processes - sometimes it's a straight "plug & play" and sometimes a few steps need to be adjusted/tweaked.  Is there a "best practice" way to achieve this - both in how you represent it on the EPC, as well as how you organize your group structure?



by Pinaki Ghosh Author
Posted on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 01:16

I am going to write an article on this and post it in a couple of days




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