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ACC project Plan


A project plan is required to develop any competency center. This is to justify funding, voice of the customer and managing requirements

Architecture Requirements Document


This is part of the competency center to collect requirements. This should be a standard method used for all departments or groups. This document is not actually used in the development of the Competency Center

Architecture Solution Documents


This is part of the competency center to collect requirements. This should be a standard method used for all departments or groups. This document is not actually used in the development of the Competency Center

Architecture Vision Document


This provides the end state of the architect and enterprise expectations. This also creates the boundary for the architecture and the artifacts. This will be guideline for the methods and conventions document. This is created by the architect for the rest of the competency center. This document defines the scope of use of ARIS tool.

ARIS Competency Center Charter


This creates the context of the ACC - why do we need a competency center. How does it help in the BPM governance etc? This is the first document to be created in a series of documents. This helps create the expectations from the client side. Owner ‘s of the processes should be involved in creating this document

ARIS Application Installation Configuration and Database Management


This talks about the application installation and its enterprise specific configuration. This will also cover part of the access control and ARIS publication information. This will have 2 kind of information which are application configuration and database activities. The technical people from SoftwareAGas well as the technical people from IT groups of the client including ARIS administrator should sign-off to this document.

ARIS Architecture Maturity Model


Over time a lot of ARIS artifacts will be created to support the EAF - this models need to support standards and also be usable. The Maturity Models will measure several aspects of the content and usability.

ARIS Competency Center Introduction


Create a basic intrduction document at a very high level - this should have about 6 to 12 slides.

ARIS Governance and Organization Plan


This document specifies the roles and responsibilities as well as the tasks. It also talks about the governance model which is supported by the organization model – this defines the success of the competency center. Please include the tactical people – without their support the chances of success are remote. Some of the governance activity (like use of proper filters) should be instituted from get go.

ARIS Hardware Specification Document


The Hardware specification as it relates to the various instances of ARIS servers and databases. 

ARIS Methods and Conventions


This the product of the methods and conventions work-shop and defines in detail all the object type and model types and connection types that can be used.

ARIS Model and Object Nomenclature and Identifier


This is an enterprise specific document which provides guidance on object identifier and model nomenclature. This should be used in conjunction with the Group Model Specified in functional document. This will be client specific document but extremely important one and needs to be completed before start of actual modeling.

Core Tool Training


This is the training material to be used for the pilot team. This may be the most extensive training. This is typically SoftwareAG materials – there is a chance of getting revenue through this class.

Domain Specific Training


These are trainings created specifically for business domains - example IT domain models will be different from R & D Domain models. This may also deal with different views (business, application data and technology).  Domain Specific training will be created in conjunction with the client as necessary.

Enterprise Architect Modeling Practitioner's Guide


This will be the one stop shop for all practitioner’s who use the ARIS tool.  This may require extra consulting time if APG is installed. 

Enterprise MetaModel Document


This Document provides the details of the information transfer that happens using the ARIS meta-model. This will be client specific document and can be extremely technical in nature. In some cases this can be a part of the ARIS Methods and Conventions document and on such cases we will not need a separate document.

Process Publication Methods and GuidelInes


Basic Methods of publication and guidelines on what can be published.

Process Quality Control Checklist 


Process Control before a model is published to the entire organization.

Process/Model Change and Release Management


Deals with the change control as well as release management. Model/Objects can change and at the same time new processes may be necessary to support future waves of enterprise software release or upgrade

QA Audit and Monitoring


The QA method covers all the models under the ARIS umbrella and is not for a specific model.

Report and Analysis Strategy


Basic Strategy on how you will create reports and what will be your ARIS output methods. This is extremely important because its all about the output.

I could not publish anything for 6 months due to birth of my daughter - that was far more important to me than anything else.





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