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I would like to know if could be possible to use MashZone with ABO - BSC.

The idea is to have the data stored in ABO, then generate some XML, XLS, ..., with the info for the KPIs, and to use the MashZone as a Dashboard.

My main question is to know how can I to show automatically in MashZone different levels of KPIs, I mean, in ABO I have Objectives, bellow each Objective I have some Indicators, bellow each Indicator I have several KPIs, ..., and I would like to show in MashZone, in the main page, the status of the Objectives for a combination of dimmensions (example: january - 2010), then clicking on each Objective to show his Indicators with his results, then click on each Indicator and show his KPIs, .... What format (XLS, XML ?) do you recommend me to use in this case ?.

Another question; ABO allow you to be able to show you or not show you the information of some objectives, combination of periods, KPIs, ...; is it possible in MashZone to show or not show the information depending of a value in the data ?.

Thanks in advance

BR, Pablo

by Ralf Werner Munkes
Posted on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 08:45

Hi Pablo,

I've already created some "mashzones" to show data from ABO. I would recommend xls as format.

To create the xls file you have to use the report api from ABO. Simply create a file like this:

Objective 1 | Indicator 1 | KPI1 | KPI2 |......

Objective 1 | Indicator 2 | KPI1 | KP2  I......


Objective n | Indicator 1 | KPI1 | KP2 I......

Objective n | Indicator 2 | KPI1 | KP2 I......


Then you can use the filter mechanism in mashzone.

Concerning your last question I'm not sure if this is possible - maybe yo can try to build a filter based on some kpis!



Ralf Werner





by Pablo Romero Rey Author
Posted on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 09:21

In reply to by edgastaf

Thanks Ralf

But, with it, could be possible to "navigate" from the Objectives to the Indicators bellow and then to the KPIs, by the same way that in ABO or with the Dashboard ?. And other question; is possible to read automatically all the objectives and to create for each of them a map of lights (red, green, yellow), or is it neccesary to create manually each of them indicating the name of each objective ?.

BR, Pablo

by Stephan Freudl
Posted on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 09:27

Hi Pablo,

in fact it is no question of data format. All MashZone needs is a tabluar (record oriented) structure, so XML is fine, too.

Building hierarchies for different objective levels is clearly possible using such structure:

To display Europe only just apply a filter to the first column or even filter multipple columns at once.

Periods of time are also possible. Just include the proper date values within your data feed, e.g. multiple values for the same KPI. This way a trend is easily presentable and MashZone's date picker used as a filter enables you to "time-travel"  ;)

by Pablo Romero Rey Author
Posted on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 16:29

In reply to by Marika


Could be possible, by the same way than I obtain a table with 3 records, or 10 records, or ..., to obtain the same information but generating a Traffic light for each of them ?.

I mean, I know how to create a Traffic light and I could create 5 of them (for example if I´ve 5 objectives, to create 1 traffic light per each) and put them in my Tab, but if tomorrow I have 7 objectives, would be neccesary to redo the mashapp and add the 2 new traffic lights. Is it possible ?.


BR, Pablo

by Stephan Freudl
Posted on Wed, 02/17/2010 - 09:09

Yes, in fact you can do this. Before I suggest an implementation let me explain some basics.

  • The number of rows/records is dynamic it may grow at run time (although technical limitations remain). This means each time you open the MashApp the number of rows might be different.
  • In contrast the number of columns is fixed at run time, since the columns provide semantics to the feed and MashApp. You must edit the feed if the number of columns changes.
  • You cannot introduce charts, diagrams and other view widgets at run time (depending on feed data) since you must use the Visual Composer to edit the MashApp (which happens at design time).

So create a traffic light for each distinct objective is not possible (at least as long as their number varies). But you can use a traffic light to visualize one objective at the same time and allow the MashApp viewer to select the right one at run time. Additionally if no selection is applied an aggregated view on all objectives could be presented.

General usage of thresholds and traffic lights has been described here. Filtering has been described by Markus yesterday (but you already know this ;) ).

So your feed should consist of this columns:

  • Objective name
  • Objective value (or its KPI value)
  • Threshold to define an interval border for the yellow/red ranges
  • yellow/green respectively

Hope this helps!


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