Hello to all,


I am currently using ARIS Business Architect 7.1, and I have some problems with regards to import ing XML/ZIP files from another database - in another person's copy of the same program - into my database. The DoDAF Architecutre Framework 2.0 is used (which can be seen as here: http://cio-nii.defense.gov/sites/dodaf20/).  The problem is like this:


I have version 1 of an Operational View diagram, an OV-5 model inside my database in my laptop.  The items related to that OV-5 model are arranged according to different folders nicely, into folders like Roles, Data/Cluster, Functions, etc. All of these items have a unique identification number attached to them, called a GUID.  I intend to import version 2 of the same model - having some changes made by my colleague - from another database inside another laptop.  The settings for exporting that version of the OV-5 model as a XML dile (compressed into ZIP) are as follows:

- Minimum Export: Checked
- Maintain Folder Structure: Checked
- Number of Relationships: All
- Number of Connections: n, Level = 1

When I imported that OV-5 XML into my database, I used these Import settings:

- Merge Source and Target Attributes: Checked
- Maintain Group Path: Checked
- Import XML Conflict Resolution:
* Models: Source overwrites target
* Objects: Target preserved
* Connections: Source overwrites target

Upon importing, while the OV-5 model itself has changed successfully, some of the items such as Roles/Assignments and Data/Cluster items from my original database lost their occurences.  Instead, the newer Roles and Data/Cluster items from the other database have occurences.  The main issue is that the now-orphaned Roles and Data/Cluster items and the external items have the same exact names.  My intention is to maintain my original database items but to ensure that they are used inside the newly-updated OV-5 model - the reason being that I wish to maintain the Attributes inside my first database items.  However, despite checking Minimum Export option - which the program claims that it would ignore GUID values, items with same names are replicated instead of using the older items inside my database.

My question is, how do I get similarly-named items from two different databases to merge together, even though their GUIDs are different? If Minimum Export does not work, what other settings are there that can be used to mitigate such problems?

I do hope that someone would be able to understand and fill in when available. Thanks!

Tags: Enterprise Architecture