In 10 years ARIS could help to eliminate errors in production plants.

Therefore machines could report data directly to an ARIS interface.
A real-time process could be created automatically via camera (visual observation) and sensor data.
ARIS could compare the real-time process and an appropriate to-be process self-controlled.
If there are any differences between the real-time process and the to-be process ARIS could give the alarm. A responsible employee could intervene very fast that no damage would occur.
Perhaps even small adjustments could be sent directly to the machine (based on the parameters of the to-be process; e.g. temperature regulation).

In this case ARIS would increase production efficiency and eliminate errors. Production would be optimized and profits could increase. Furthermore production processes would be recorded and greater security provided.

Real-time modeling would also offer many other possibilities. In combination with an automatic comparison processes can be checked self-controlled.

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