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Everyone wants a good process. Our businesses would be more profitable if we had them. But do we know what a good process is? Would we recognized one if we saw it? And how do we ensure we can design them?

So what makes a ‘good process’? This is a question that I am often asked. Usually the person asking is looking for a simple answer: “one that has no more than 10 task boxes” or “only has two handovers” or “one that looks long and thin”. Of course things are not that simple and there is a difference between what makes a good process and what makes a good process model. It is often the latter that people are really asking about, but a process model is just that; it is a model, it is not the ‘real thing’. It is perfectly possible to have a good process model of a poor process, but you cannot have a really good process without a good model or design.

Read my full article on BPTrends where I explore what makes a good process and what we need to model to ensure that we get a good process.



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