Good morning,

We are considering the possibility to migrating our business-focused modelling to BPMN, in order to satisfy a number of requirements surrounding clarity and ease of use, as well as to model some of our more complex scenarios (exception flows and timed events, which are a key pain point today).

Our business users are quite familiar with similar (visually) process diagrams (in Visio, unfortunately), and are quite uncomfortable with the EPC notation; the modeling we have done in EPC is not very complete at this point, and most of the work to model the business remains to be done. Those models which are complete are often "converted" into Visio diagrams (non-EPC; Flow Chart) before being used for our operations and training.

As part of our assessment, we are looking for the experience of other companies in making this change. The initial option that we have identified is to use BPMN for the process, and to enrich it by attaching the application, role, and kpi objects in a Matrix model.

Any experiences regarding the transition, or challenges faced after making it, would be appreciated.

Rob Potter

Loblaw Companies Limited


-- Follow Up --

Can anyone help me clarify how ARIS uses Data Object vs. Data Store? It appears that Business Information Object in EPC is being converted to Data Object; this doesn't seem to line up with the spec (it should be a Data Store, I think). Any clarification?

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