Hello guys,

I have a problem with the HelpButton in a custom UserDialog Macro.

I want to create a custom UserDialog with a Help Tab such as the Wizard Dialog when you create e.g. a Macro or what else.

To create this Tab, you have to implement the HelpButton: "iDialogTemplate1.HelpButton(sHelp);

and in the var sHelp there is some code like this: " var mHelp="<html><h1> HTMML Header </h1></html>"; "


That works without trouble, but i want to create the HelpTab like the ARIS Wizard with some tree´s where i can click a word and then open  a definition or what else. 

My question is, have anyone a idea how i can implement this "tree" in the HelpTab?? Or is it possible to look in the .hlp files of ARIS, so i can copy  some code of it? Because when i use e.g. "HID_2ba30bb0-5922-11df-3577-e3129f43de32.hlp"  instead of sHelp, i get the nice HelpTab with the "tree", but i can´t find this file.




Tags: ARIS javascript macro script