Hey guys,

I want to create a reset button, that reset all inputs from the user. (should actually be no problem)

But i get some issues with: this.dialog.getPage(0).getDialogElement("COMBO_LANGUAGE").setSelection(0)

I don´t know why, but when I want to set the selection of a combobox, Aris doesn´t want to change the selection.

I want to set the selection to index 0 and then make the combobox setEnabled(false).

But the only thing what aris does, is to set the combox enabled(false) but not to set the selection to index 0.


But, when I print the current getSelection() of the combobox I get the value of index 0, so it seems that Aris doesn´t  update the dialog view ...

Is there a way to refresh/update the window? 




The code:

this.OPTIONGROUP_selChanged = function() {  

        if (this.dialog.getPage(0).getDialogElement("OPTIONGROUP").getSelectedIndex() == 1) {

        } else{

Tags: ARIS macro