I use a macro to start a report which create a XML file with some values. The report use the values and create a simple xml file. 

When I start the debug mode on the report, then everything works. It creates a xml file on following path:

C:\Users\****\Documents\ARIS 9.8


But when I start the report over the macro with "Report.execute(...)" -> then i can´t find any xml file. 

But  "xmlOutput.WriteReport()" return true, so the document has been successfully loaded...





//Macro code: 

selection = Context.getSelectedDatabases();  


var reportInfo = Report.createExecInfo("dc912610-b53f-11dd-59b4-b1c29b9461d4", selection, Context.getSelectedLanguage());
        reportInfo.setProperty("OBJEKT_NAME", oName);
        var result = Report.execute(reportInfo, Context.getShowResult());


//Report Code:

var oObjName = Context.getProperty("OBJEKT_NAME");  
var oObjType = Context.getProperty("OBJEKT_TYPE"); 
var documentName = oObjName +".xml"

var xmlOutput = Context.createXMLOutputObject(documentName, "Root");
var xmlItem = xmlOutput.addElement(xmlOutput.getRootElement(), "ObjDef");
xmlItem.setAttribute("Name", oObjName);
xmlItem.setAttribute("TypeNum", oObjType);





Tags: ARIS Report ARIS Report Scripting macro