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Hello Community, 

I like to point you to a (relatively) new website and podcast: What's Your Baseline?

The podcast is about Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management, and how you can set up your practice to get the most out of it. It is for:

  • newbies who just get started with these topics,
  • organizations who want to improve their EA/BPM groups and the value that they get from it,
  • as well as practitioners who want to get a different perspective and care about the discipline.

Every two weeks we publish a new episode, covering a variety of topics, such as "Why architecture and process management?", "Implementing your architecture tool", "Agile and Architecture" or "Process Mining" and "Task Mining". It is available on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and so on - find a list of all supported platforms here).

The podcast is hosted by Roland Woldt and J-M Erlendson, two experienced consultants with decades of experience in large consulting firms and tool vendors. Learn more about your hosts here: About (and of course in a podcast episode ).

Have a listen to the podcast and read the articles, and let us know your feedback. We are aiming to getting better, and every feedback, comment, subscribe/follow, and like are very much appreciated.