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Our company has taken a big step by creating process diagrams in ARIS for an Enterprise-Wide implementation of an ERP system.  The next step is to institute a Continuous Improvement program.  I would like to know how other companies use the Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma tools to facilitate a Continuous Improvement effort.

What Six Sigma tools do you use within ARIS?  What benefit have you derived?  How does the Balance Scorecard tools help this effort?

These are some high level questions, but I am sure the dialoge will generate some great discussions for all of us.

by Katrina Simon
Posted on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 16:52

Dear Steve,

There are two ARIS tools available that may be interesting for your CPI project:

  1. ARIS for Six Sigma supports the integration of Six Sigma projects with business process models along the DMAIC life cycle. From a modeling perspective, it provides model types that enrich standard process models with Six Sigma diagrams such as SIPOC diagramms and Fishbone diagramms and provides standard Six Sigma reports on this data basis. Our customers are using this in combination with Minitab (market leader for statistical software in Six Sigma projects). ARIS for Six Sigma comes with an interface to Minitab that allows using ARIS process simulation data or ARIS process performance data for Six Sigma calculations. Finally, Six Sigma metrics can be continuously monitored by the ARIS dashboard. If you are interested in more details, there is an article coming up in this community that will describe how ARIS for Six Sigma supports the full DMAIC life cycle.
  2. ARIS for Balanced Scorecard provides a design environment for strategy maps integrated into the ARIS Business Architect (or Designer). It includes cause-and-effect diagrams that link to process model via KPI objects measuring the achievement of strategic objectives and processes contributing to those strategic objectives. There are reports available to calculate the current degree of achievement and display it quantitatively and graphically through colors in the models. To evaluate and monitor your  BSC, you can use ARIS Business Optimizer that takes the strategy maps as an input, visualizes strategic objectives and their degree of achievement and provides additional evaluation and reporting functionality.

Please contact me for reference customers that have ripened significant effects with those two approaches.

Best regards,



by Mojtaba Hedayatinia
Posted on Sat, 09/04/2010 - 14:20

Hi Katrina,


First of all thanks for your nice post. When I'm considering the ARIS platform totaly, I just wonder to know how the real and live data for those KPIs we attached to our processes, are provided to show in Dashboards. I mean as it mentioned here and there, first we establish our Objectives, then we define the chain of our Strategies, Business Segment Matirx (BSM), CSFs, KPIs, linking KPIs to processes and ... Ok, but up to these level, we are still in Design phase according to ARIS platfrm. So do we need to go through Implementation phase necessarily to have those needed data (i.e. real data) via a BPMS or ERP systems?

Pretend a situation like this: a company wants to estabilish BPM as a Managemen discipline, but it's fund for the project is not enough to bring it to the Implementation phase, so does this company loss all the benefits and opportunities of having a complete BPM life cycle, or still there is something to do? Besides, As we know the sweetest part of this story, at least for Management teams remains in Controling phase, and they want us to show them the real outcomes of BPM projects in terms of dashboards, visual reports and etc.

Thanks for your comments and tips in advance.


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