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See here for Auto Indexing Macro

This post will discuss the indexing of symbols  within a model and sorting feature available in ARIS.

If your model is looking messiy like below and you want to sort them then this article is for you.


After sorting your model will look like this:


ARIS Featues for sorting

Out of box, ARIS provides Arrange --> Layout / Automatic tool as shown below:


and if you apply it on IT System Inventory Model of UMG model then output will be:


In most of the cases you will get the above output atleast this happens in my version.

In the following posts we will discuss how customize macro to arrange object in the following manner

We will discuss the following type of arrangements:

1. 2D arrangement sorted by alphabets or rectangular arrangement



2. Auto Indexing based upon alphabets


3. Pyramid Arrangement


Need for Arrangement:

This will help to beautify your model and the scripts will automatically arrange objects within a model. You are most likely to feel the need for following model types:

  1. IT System Inventory
  2. Software Inventory
  3. Hardware Inentory
  4. Database Landscape
  5. Process Inventory
  6. Many many more.....

It will also help user to visually locate the desire objects within a model.

In the coming series we will explore how to achieve the above task.

Feel free to post, what other type of arrangement you are looking for....

Auto Indexing Macro

Pyramid and 2D arrangement  ....continued.....

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